Why we are here…

Whilst discussing the nature of blogs with a friend, the inevitable question magically arose – “What would your blog be about?”

This was, and is my answer:

“If I were to write my own blog, it would concern the correcting of people (mainly celebrity chefs) who write books or present television shows in order to educate the masses. I would also add the odd funny story, links to things that will amuse and entertain, and tasty, tasty, lovely recipes.”

I will also try very hard to explain and debunk food facts, old wives tales, and the answer any question thrown at me.

Before it all kicks off I would like to lend a sly wink of awe, admiration, and appreciation to these two brilliant scientists:

Hervé This, the professor who coined the term “Molecular Gastronomy”, not really to do with Heston Blumenthal and his style of cooking, more to do with what scientific phenomena actually occurs during food preperation, and how know of this can aid us in the kitchen. He is the author of Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor, and Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing the Science of Food.

Robert L. Wolke. Who wrote What Einstein told his cook, and What Einstein told his cook 2

These books will most probably be oft cited in my quest to free minds all over the shop.




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