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Man Alive

Right. Here goes nothing, idiot.

I am here and I have promised that i will post something. I should most probably say that I am sorry for my misgivings, as I believe that I have caused a ruckus. i just did some shit on facebook and apparently I am most like Ron Burgundy out of all Will Ferral’s characters, isn’t that good to know. One for the bank of knowledge. I am personally amazed at how good my grammar is at this stage, I am certainly keeping up appearances.

I think I am going to have a break. Then I will describe to you the things that I can see whilst I sit at my computer, that way you can get a grasp of who i am.

Even got basic html down mate. Kinell.

I will come clean. By “break” I was referring to getting a drink of water and having a wee.

Ok, I am going to describe my immediate surroundings.

To my left is my bookcase. The top shelf (ooh err) is not books, but cunningly DVDs. Not a million of them, but every one is a charming delight.

Most of my books are either non-fiction, or I shouldn’t really have them in my possession. Parked up square and sharp next to my books is my guitar, a lot of fun, now we come to the main event. my fucking desk.

Here we are. Here I was, minding my own busyboz, then I went and said I would dooby-do this blog. And my chum pal mate friend ace aquaintance Philippa suggest I just go for it and write freestyle, so I have. So there. So thanks.

My desk is a tip. Loads of cups and bits of paper. a big computer screen, some chilli sauces from last weekend (see my previous entry for more details), and my really cool SkullCandy headphones.

I really am very sorry for this post. My next post will be all about food. Yum yum bloody yum

Good night good gracious good nytol.


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